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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible For International Medical Insurance?
In general, these plans are suitable for expatriates, nomads and international citizens. 

• Singaporeans, valid pass holders issued by ICA and MOM such as PR, Work pass holders, and Long term holders are all eligible. 
• Short term visitors are eligible to apply as long they are in Singapore at the point of application (sign up).
• You must be residing in Singapore.
• You can include your family members (including spouse, parents, children, and grandparents)
Will My plan Cover COVID-19 / Coronavirus?
Most of our plans cover COVID-19 medical expenses, but restrictions and limits can apply. Your IEM consultant will review the terms of your plan with you.
Will my plan include Dental, Maternity, Or Outpatient Coverage?
It depends on the plan. In some plans these are included, while in others you can add them on if required. Consult your IEM advisor.
Can I Claim on a Local Health Plan and International Medical Insurance?
It depends on the circumstances, but we often recommend that you first claim on the local plan, before claiming the balance with your international medical insurance.
Should I Get Personal International Medical Insurance if I have a Corporate Health Plan?
It is strongly advisable to have your own personal international health insurance. Corporate plans may only last as long as your employment, may not cover you fully abroad, and often have lower limts and more restrictions. Get in touch to find out more.
 Are there Any Country Restrictions?
Your IEM consultant will advise you accordingly on any restrictions (if any) for each plan. Every plan has different benefits and limits.
How do I Claim If I am Overseas?
If you need to make a claim when overseas, contact us as soon as possible. We will then contact the medical provider and confirm your treatment is covered, and provide a letter of guarantee. We process the claim and pay the medical provider directly.
Are Any Sports Excluded From my Coverage?
In general, extreme sports such as motor sport, skiing, water sports, and air sports are often excluded from many plans. If you will be doing extreme sports, let your IEM advisor know.

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