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Securing Your Family, Your Life, Your Future

International Expat Medical makes finding the right health insurance in Singapore for you and your family a breeze.
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"Over the last few years, the entire world has realized how sudden and unpredictable medical events can be. 

We all now appreciate the importance of having first-rate health insurance in Singapore. With medical costs and related expenses rising, access to excellent medical facilities and hospitalisation costs has never been more important, and it is vital to secure the right health insurance for yourself and your family that provides the protection you need in difficult times.

As well as having the confidence that you and your loved ones will always be well taken care of, the right health insurance plan helps you avoid the concern of medical treatment inflation.

At International Expat Medical, we will find the right health insurance plan for you based on your unique situation and needs to ensure that you can relax in the knowledge of being fully covered, whatever happens."

- Rainer Ackbari, IEM Founder

our growing list of happy clients

“Thank you IEM for all your help. You have made this transition time in our lives so much easier. You are an insurance agent who not only sells insurance, but also makes the process easy. You are the best!”
Chris and Sarah Harris
(Australian Expats living in Singapore)
“My family and I are from Indonesia, and we travel to Singapore for our health checks and hospital procedures. International Expat Medical was able to provide us with a health insurance plan that covers all our medical expenses in Indonesia and Singapore. This has been such a blessing for our family's health coverage”
Suryawan Lais & Janet Timothy Lais
(Indonesian Palembang)
“We have greatly appreciated how IEM have spent considerable time seeking a better plan for me at a more competitive price, yet offering the same health cover, which I could never have done myself. IEM have been consistently friendly and thoughtful throughout, and have spoken with us over the telephone each time, helping us to understand our options. Thank you. IEM are clearly an expert in their field and have provided an excellent, faultless service."
Nick and Renee Forester
(Australian Expats living in Singapore)

Services Beyond The Usual

Medical Insurance
Medical Coverage
Employee Benefits
for SME's

private health insurance in Singapore

Although it can be possible to receive quality medical treatment as a public patient in the public system, private health coverage gives you the opportunity to get treated faster, choose to be treated in a private or public hospital, to request a private room and to choose your own doctor. The advantages of having these options are enormous.

Private plans have higher limits than many emlpoyee group plans, cover you when you're abroad, and complete maternity cover. Some private health insurers incorporate lifestyle extras into their plans too, which include such perks as complementary medicine, acupuncture or osteopathy, medicinal massage and, in some cases, gym membership too.
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group medical coverage

Group Health Insurance is a type of medical insurance policy especially for employees or members of a company or other organisation. A group health insurance plan typically provides health insurance coverage to its members at a lower cost, since the risk to the insurers is spread across all the members of a group health plan.
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employee benefits for SME's

Medical benefits significantly reduce the costs associated with routine medical procedures such as check-upsm wellness visits, and prenatal care, but also cover emergency care. Such employee medical benefits can help your firm to recruit and retain the best people, in turn helping you to grow and thrive as a business.
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Why choose IEM to find your health insurance in Singapore?

A health insurance policy as a foreigner in Singapore is an essential requirement in today's world. Protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your assets from any unforeseen eventuality is not a luxury, it's a must.
We take a personalized approach
At IEM, we take an individual, personalized approach to finding the best possible health insurance in Singapore for you and your family. We recognize that every expat’s circumstances are unique, and we discuss your situation, requirements, and aspirations in detail with you to make sure we find the medical plan that best fits your (and your family’s) needs.
We're expats in Singapore too
We are international expats in Singapore too, just like you, so we know everything there is to know about life as an expat in the city state - the advantages, rules, and challenges. We are also highly experienced - between us, we have over 40 years experience living in Singapore and helping our fellow expats find the perfect health insurance.
We value relationships
At International Expat Medical, first and foremost, we value relationships. We love the fact that everyone is unique and has unique needs. We’re here for you to make finding health insurance in Singapore as an expat as simple as possible, and we’re available year-round if you have a question or if you need support - not just when it’s time to renew!
We’re not tied to any insurers
We partner with a range of insurers, which means we can search the entire market to find the best possible result for you. Insurers we work with include some of the biggest names in global health insurance, such as Allianz, AIG, BUPA, Cigna, Henna, HSBC, Now, NTUC Income, and Raffles. We're licensed to compare and provide both Shield and International plans, too.

We Partner With a range of Insurers To ensure you get the best possible result

Our wide selection of health insurance providers means that our clients get the best possible cover and value.
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